Cycles will consist of two 3 month cycles. As a team, we will go through a process of research, thinking, solving and experimentation to eventually generate ideas to solve problems in specific sectors and states in Nigeria. At the end of the first cycle, we will create proposals of developed ideas that identify and plug holes in the system. 

Cycles will focus on state and sector development along side the personal growth of the individual. 3 months will be dedicated to sector idea development and self compassion while the other 3 months on state idea development and external compassion.

Ideas birthed through the sub-cycles will be presented to our pool of investors, mentors and partners for potential to develop long lasting partnerships and funding for implementation. 

3 MONTHS ON sector + self compassion

investigating a sector of your choice from research to idea development while exploring layers of self compassion - confronting and exploring the topic of self, honesty, fear, etc. 



investigating a STATE of your choice from RESEARCH to IDEA DEVELOPMENT. while EXPLORING layers of EXTERNAL COMPASSION - confronting and exploring the topic of patriotism, tribalism, relationships, etc.