We are the revolution we have been seeking, we trigger the shift that ripples change using our imagination and ideas as building blocks for THE FUTURE. fortified with mind, body, soul, integrity, honesty, patience, compassion, hope, faith, time and most of all, our will.

A movement of thinkers, mentors and partners with a collective purpose to shift the condition of Nigeria and the mind of its people, one vision/imagination at a time. A space where dreams and ideas are nurtured to life, where imagination is reality, where we gather to confront the things that plague us and the core where ripples begin.


Exodus is a design school for Nigeria dedicated to developing ideas for sectors and states through process, imagination and compassion. A country-tailored design program nurturing ideas with potential for impact and change in Nigeria.


Exodus cycles will be guiding the process of birthing ideas from imagination into reality with weekend sessions and gatherings: 3 months on sector idea development + 3 months on state idea development. As a team, we will go through a process of research, thinking, solving and experimentation to eventually generate ideas that directly solve problems in specific sectors and states in Nigeria. At the end of every cycle, we will present proposals of developed ideas that identify and plug holes in the system to a pool of investors, partners and mentors.  



In this groundbreaking talk, Ada Umeofia discusses Exodus, a design model that harnesses the potential of Nigeria. Listen in to hear about the components of this model and how it interweaves compassion and design. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by Ada Umeofia.